‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 2 spoilers: Eva Longoria returns! (video)

Brooklyn -After a long Thanksgiving holiday, won’t it be nice to settle in for some laughs? That is what we are least hoping for, and it is something that the next episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” could deliver for us and then some.

One thing that you should definitely be excited about and then some is rather simple, and that is the return of Eva Longoria once again as Jake’s love interest. We first saw her earlier this season, when the most terrible of secrets was revealed to Jake: She was a defense attorney, who is basically a police officer’s worst enemy in this world. Despite the petty rivalries, though, he was able to figure things out with her, and the two quickly became an item.

Do we still root for Jake and Amy to be together? Definitely, since they have the most chemistry, and the most intriguing relationship. With that being said, though, we do think that having Longoria around is good for that in the long-term. The only way for these two to fully realize the feelings that they have for each other is for them to feel some sort of tinge of jealousy, and that is going to be come when they spend some time around other people. Amy has Teddy, and that already started to make Jake realize he has feelings.

The sneak peek below is probably just one little taste of a road trip-themed episode, and it certainly is funny … and creepy. This is probably the last place that we would want to sleep if we were Jake.

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