‘Faking It’ season 2 spoilers: What’s next for Lauren and Theo?

Faking It -What is fun about “Faking It” is that while the title may have originally been a reference just to the Amy – Karma relationship, it has since morphed and taken on a variety of different meanings for some other characters on the show.

Take, for example, Lauren and Theo. For their entire relationship-of-sorts, he was faking being a high school student so that he could undercover a potential drug ring at Hester High. Therefore, Lauren ended up being collateral damage in a way. Did he really ever care for her? As show boss Carter Covington told Xfinity recently, it looks like there is much more of this story still to play out:

“Theo tells Lauren his feelings for her weren’t real… after he looks over at his boss! So was he being honest, or was he lying in that moment to protect his job?  We’ll answer that in the next 10 episodes. But you definitely haven’t seen the last of Keith Powers as Theo (or should we call him Anthony?). As for Lauren, she ends the season with what she’s always wanted: power. But the school loves her now for being intersex, and that’s something she hasn’t fully embraced about herself yet. We’ll definitely be exploring how she handles that.”

Of course, there is also another big problem with the Theo / Lauren relationship, and that is the age difference between the two. This sort of thing would be no big deal if they were each three or four years older, but because she is a high school student, it is something that should be a factor in their story. Also, obviously Theo runs the risk of losing his job or worse if his relationship with her gets out.

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