‘The Flash’ spoilers: Troubles lie ahead for STAR Labs’ prison

The Flash -Earlier this season, “The Flash” realized that they had quite an enormous problem when it came to Barry Allen’s victories fighting crime: Where in the world do they put the evildoers once they have been captured? Logistically, there is no realistic way that you can lock up some of these people in an ordinary prison.

This is why the pipeline down in STAR Labs has become the makeshift way to keep many of these metahumans locked up, since there is no way for most of them to escape … so far. As Entertainment Weekly reports, though, the upcoming 11th episode of the season could feature something that spells trouble for the heroes. Is it a jailbreak? We don’t know that just yet; heck, it could just be Harrison Wells going down there and letting someone out like he did with Girder. Nobody knows what this guy is up to some of the time.

This is ultimately going to mark yet another interesting episode of the show, though, and we do recognize the value in doing these sort of things when it can give you a chance to reuse some of the great villains that you have on the show already. A good comparable is “Arrow” with the Suicide Squad, given that this group has right now Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, and Cupid all a part of it. Harley Quinn was there for a while, but we feel like that was more of a cheeky cameo that is not coming back.

The next episode of “The Flash” is the big crossover, and that airs on The CW Tuesday night.

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