‘Two and a Half Men’ season 12, episode 5 review: Do you like Louis with Walden, Alan?

While it is pretty hard to refer to anything when it comes to “Two and a Half Men” as a “watershed moment,” the CBS series had something that was at least reasonably close to that with its new episode airing last night.

This episode marked the introduction of Louis, the newest addition to the show played by Edan Alexander. He is going to be sticking around for a while, so you better get used to seeing him around the beach house, and in Walden and Alan’s lives.

For the most part, we’ll give the kid credit for being pretty adorable, but we imagine those who love the gross-out humor associated with this show most of the time are probably going to feel a little bummed out. The kid has been through a lot due to the foster system, and is certainly very different than Jake was in the time that we saw him on the show and around some of the other characters.

Ultimately, the thing about this “Two and a Half Men” episode was that it was a reasonably fun introduction to the character, but we are not going to get a real shot to fully understand whether or not this new twist to the show works for a few more weeks. There are also some things that we are still unsure about, including why Jenny is now suddenly gone most of the time and how so many other actors only occasionally show up who used to be pretty frequent guests.

If nothing else, seeing Berta be the one with the greatest connection to the kid was kind of sweet. Grade: B.

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