‘The Blacklist’ season 2 spoilers: Prepare for flashbacks, but for who?

The Blacklist logo any seasonGiven where we currently are in the production of “The Blacklist” season 2, this is not the time for a whole lot of information to get out there. After all, there is not another new episode until the Super Bowl, and if you start releasing updates a little too early, you do run the risk of people starting to get disinterested … and nobody wants that.

With that in mind, we don’t have a story for you today that necessarily counts as one of the biggest spoilers on the show we’ve ever seen. With that in mind, it is still tremendously interesting. According to a new report from E! News, the tenth episode of the season is going to feature flashbacks of a much younger Liz … and that’s what we have to go on here. The questions that we have here are twofold.

1. What age are we talking about here? We suppose it’s not going to be so early that the real relationship between her and Reddington is revealed, mostly because the show would not possibly want to create a situation where that is revealed. If it is a little bit later in her childhood, there may be a little bit more for the show to work with.

2. Why are they showing them? One easy reason to guess is because maybe there is something in either her past with Tom, or her childhood or adolescent years, that comes back into the present. Given that she is the main character of the show, it does feel like there is quite a bit more room to learn about her.

(Photo: NBC.)

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