NBC’s ‘The Voice’ song spoilers: Luke Wade, Reagan James, Ryan Sill, and top 10

The Voice -Tonight, the top ten contestants on “The Voice” are going to all convene, and will hopefully in the process give us a heck of a fun show. Last week was okay, but if we’re being completely honest, it felt like there was something more that many contestants could have done. Some felt a little too much like they were trying to impress on a singing show versus actually given real, artistic performances.

We at least have some of the songs that are being performed tonight for you right now, and this comes courtesy of Mjsbigblog. Take a look at some of them below, along with our quick impressions of every one of them.

Luke Wade, “Try a Little Tenderness” (Team Pharrell) – A very good song, but also a risky one to do on a show with so many younger viewers. It’s also been done many times, and is harder to make a big moment out of.

Reagan James, “Fancy” (Team Blake) – We don’t know for certain if this is the Reba McEntire song (would make sense, given the coach) or the one from Iggy Azalea / Charlie XCX (which would make more sense for Reagan).

Craig Wayne Boyd, “I Walk the Line” (Team Blake) – Does Craig have the baritone for this? We love the song, but this may be a very difficult choice.

Chris Jamison, “Uptown Funk” (Team Adam) – We at first thought that Chris was going to be an afterthought on Adam’s team, but with this choice following up “Jealous,” the man is set up well!

Ryan Sill, “Starlight” (Team Gwen) – An extremely hard song to do. Nobody wails quite like the lead singer from Muse.

Anita Antoinette, “Let Her Go” (Team Gwen) – Another strange choice here from Gwen’s team. We understand giving Anita something outside of her genre, but this song? It should have been stopped after Cole Vosbury killed it.

DaNica Shirey, “I Have Nothing” (Team Pharrell) – No. Just. No. So tired of this song.

Damien, “You and I” (Team Adam) – Like with Reagan, we don’t know if this is the Lady Gaga song, the One Direction song, or something by another artist.

Taylor John Williams, “Come Together” (Team Gwen) – He seems like a quirky dude, and it makes sense he would do a quirky song.

Matt McAndrew, “Fix You” (Team Adam) – It’s a little surprising to see Matt go from a really hip, current song to one from a band that not everyone likes. Hopefully, it’s been long enough since “Fix You” flooded TV that the song will start to feel new again.

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