‘The Fall’ season 2, episode 3 review: Paul Spector plots revenge on Stella

The FallPaul Spector is at it again on “The Fall” as he holds Rose captive and leads the police department on a wild goose chase. Unfortunately for Paul it seems that his days are numbered now that Stella has evidence linking him to the murders, but how long will it take for her to find him and will Rose still be alive?

Even though Stella has some evidence of Paul’s involvement in these murders and Rose’s abduction, she is still having a difficult time finding Paul, so she puts a little pressure on his wife Sally to find him. Sally had originally been Paul’s alibi for one of the abductions, but after some thought, decides to come clean with the police about the fact that he wasn’t home and that she couldn’t get a hold of him that night, leaving her no choice but to ask Katie to babysit.

They pay Katie a visit and she tells them that he came home early and that they stayed up late listening to music. As soon as they leave, Kitty uses the police visit as a way to get Paul to meet up with her. She tells Paul how she covered for him and he’s not really thrilled about it since now she wants the truth from him. He makes up a story that makes him look more favorable, and casts Stella in a bad light, saying that because of his anger towards her that he pretended to be the killer to mess with Stella. Katie offers to help Paul with his next move against Stella and he decides to let her help him.

The place that Paul was holding Rose is discovered after the police triangulate the cell phone Paul used to call Stella. Paul pulls up, sees the police there and turns the car around cursing Stella’s name. Stella grabs the license plate and is able to find a connection to a stolen car.

Paul breaks into Stella’s place and starts rifling through her things while Katie leads the police away from Paul. When Stella returns to her room, Jim shows up and begs Stella for one more night in her bed, which she rejects. After he leaves, she receives a disturbing photo as well as a message in her diary from Paul, letting her know that he has been in her room.

There was a lot of strong movement this episode towards Paul’s capture, but we also saw Paul making some moves of his own. We were worried that Stella was getting too close and that Paul was going to be captured too quickly, but the game of cat and mouse is still going strong. Episode grade: B+

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