‘The Blacklist’ season 2 spoilers: The feel of the Super Bowl episode

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe Super Bowl episode of “The Blacklist” is still a couple of months from airing, but did you really think that this was going to stop us from sharing some more of the latest on the show?

While there may not bee too much out there in terms of plot specifics, those of you hoping to see a relatively-standalone episode here to attract new viewers to the show should be happy. Producers clearly seem like they don’t want to confuse folks watching for the first time after the big game, and it certainly feels like they are crafting something big. Executive producer Joe Carnahan’s comments in a new interview with Forbes suggest this much and more in terms of the production aspects of a big episode:

“It certainly doesn’t feel like we’ve got [more resources]. It feels like you’re up against the same kind of struggles and difficulties with production and hassles and arguments you’d have on any other episode. But it’s more of a contained episode, which I prefer those types of things, especially in the world of The Blacklist. There’s a lot of them globetrotting, and I like to strip all that down. It’s just more of a V8 Chevelle. That’s what I like. It’s not the fancier cars in the stuff that they kinda do throughout the season. I like something that’s just more muscular. So this is just more of a return to kind what the Anslo Garrick episodes were last year, which I had a lot of fun doing.”

So those of you wanting to get some big answers when it comes to Tom Keen’s whereabouts, and Reddington’s ties to him, may have to wait for at least a little while longer. We are excited to see Ron Perlman in this episode, though, mostly because of that crazy resume he brings to the table.

What do you want to see both in this episode, and for the rest of season 2 as a whole? Share some of your thoughts and hopes now with a comment!

Photo: NBC

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