‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: New Chris Soules promo coming during American Music Awards

Great news for all of those looking to see more of Chris Soules as “The Bachelor” sooner rather than later: We’ve got some official verification on when the next promo for it is going to air.

In a post on Twitter, ABC exec Robert Mills made the announcement clear that you’re going to get a chance to see the newest clip featuring Chris Soules during the American Music Awards on Sunday night. Hopefully, this will be one with some actual footage from the show, and not one that has him walking around in the world’s creepiest cornfield like we had the last time the show aired one of these during the CMA Awards.

Also, the hashtag from Mills in here is pretty darn brilliant.

That’s right folks: Expect great farming puns throughout the season! We’re sure we’ll here a thing or two about Chris having already sown his wild oats, something about letting a relationship grow over time like a perfect crop, and then … oh, what are we kidding. The rest of the season may be him riding around on a tractor with his shirt off.

This is all in good fun, mostly because we love “The Bachelor” in the same way we love all other forms of reality TV. We know that it’s probably serious to Chris and some other people who are involved in it, but they have to also be self-aware enough to know how it is being interpreted on the outside. You gotta have that mixture of sweet and silly.

After this promo is officially unveiled, we’ll have some impressions of it here.

What do you want to see from the latest “Bachelor” promo, and from this new season featuring Chris as a whole? Share some of your thoughts and hopes right now with a comment.

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