MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 4 finale spoilers: Does Matty’s dad create Jenna drama?

Just when you think that the picture for Matty on “Awkward” is starting to get a little bit clearer, and unlikely source pops up to muddy the situation more than ever before: His own father.

During Tuesday night’s season 4 finale, we are going to see Matty out on a trip fishing with the old man, who is seemingly interested in at least bonding with him. We’ve already learned many times over that this man is hardly a saint, but we suppose that it is still a great thing that he cares enough to go on this little trip with him.

The issues that pop up here are twofold. First and foremost, there is the fact that Gabby is along for the ride, and while she is doing her best to act like she is extremely supportive of Matty getting this chance (and we’re sure that she actually is glad), it is probably impossible to hide just how bizarre a situation this is for her. Just think about that for a minute. She is still in a pretty-new relationship with a guy, and meeting someone’s parents is always something that is pretty heavy. We can only imagine that this is amplified about a billion times over when you throw in there the fact that you are also spending time with a guy who barely knows his son, and decided not to raise him some 18 or so years beforehand.

The second major issue? Matty’s dad goes on an on about how wonderful it was that Gabby helped Matty find him … only that it wasn’t Gabby who did this. It was Jenna, which is probably going to raise a few questions about how he really feels about her, and if he is with the right person. Well, we’ve been down this road before.

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