‘Saturday Night Live’ video: Featuring Cameron Diaz, Bruno Marz, Mark Ronson

SNL -Tonight, another new episode of “Saturday Night Live” airs, and with none other than Cameron Diaz as a host. Before that happens, why not take a look at another sneak peek?

The video below continues to the tradition set out by the other video released by NBC, and that is the tradition of being cute, but not entirely funny. There’s just not to go on here unless you like some awkward stares here and there, and Diaz wearing what seems to be her best Colonel Sanders outfit.

One of the things that we are probably the most curious about with this episode is strictly that Mars is performing with Mark Ronson, but not hosting the show. why not? He was fantastic the last time that he did it; in particular, “Sad Mouse” is one of our favorite sketches that we’ve seen on the show in a long time. We’re sure that he will turn up in a sketch or two, but maybe he just wanted to focus on the music for this one. Hosting the show is a huge grind, and one that takes more or less a full week of constant preparation and being game to try a number of things that probably bomb during early rehearsals.

The one positive going into this episode is that “SNL” has seemingly found itself this season. Woody Harrelson’s show was surprisingly funny, and ever since the Bill Hader show, there have at least been a few assorted moments here and there that have worked. Even if not every sketch tonight hits, probably enough of them will to make us at least temporarily satisfied.

We’ll be back tonight for a full review of tonight’s episode, so be sure to come back for a little more news on that! Also, head over here to get some other updates on who is hosting a little bit down the road. Odds are, you are a fan of at least a few of the names on the list.

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