‘The Newsroom’ season 3, episode 3 preview: Jeff Daniels and the FBI

Is Will McAvoy in huge trouble on “The Newsroom” Sunday night? It sure seems like it, and it is all due to one thing: The character’s insistence on continuing to stand by his pre-established principles that include him not selling out either Neil Sampat or his source, who sent him government documents at the start of the season that have him in such hot water.

With the status of Neil unknown going into this episode, Will is going to be the one the FBI will be breathing down the neck of during intense interrogations. The video below is proof of that. Jeff Daniels’ character refuses to give up the source, and as he is told clearly, this is an enormous problem. He will have to contend with this, and most likely many other things, over the course of the next few episodes.

Since “The Newsroom” really likes to cram in here as many stories as it can, there are a few other stories that you should also be prepared to watch unfold.

1. Sloan Sabbath and Don Keefer are greeted by someone new within Human Resources within the ACN family, and this is trouble for them. If they reveal the timing of their relationship, Don could be in hot water over his purchase of Chipotle stock. Our advice? He should’ve just purchased a burrito instead.

2. Meanwhile, Reece will be waging war over Blair and the shares, which we just like to write out because it rhymes in a rather clever fashion.

Given that there are only four more episodes left of this sensational show (yes, we said it!), things are going to have to unravel pretty quickly. It’s a good thing that we are going to continue to be here every single step of the way.

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