‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 10 preview: Natalie Anderson on a tear

Natalie -There are a few people on this season of “Survivor” we would not want to be angry with us, and Natalie Anderson is high on that list. If you’ve watched “The Amazing Race” (you know that Dale did!), then you are very familiar with how competitive she and her twinnie are. Also, you know just how angry they can get over things in the game.

With all of this in mind, Natalie is going to be certainly upset over Missy and Jon’s latest big move to completely blindside Jeremy from the game, and then not include her into it. There are so many reasons why we hate this move for Jon, but the biggest one is that his paranoia has made five people target him first and foremost, when before this episode he seemed to be nobody’s public enemy #1. He thinks he can own this game, and that he and Jaclyn can flip however many times that they want to make it to the end.

Next week, most everyone other than Jon’s alliance is after him, and while he may have that hidden immunity idol, he may still not be wise enough to play it at the right moment or know that he is a big target. What we do want to see at this point, though, is that foursome completely rocked. It doesn’t really matter whether or not we like Jon, Jaclyn, Missy, and Baylor, but seeing them coast to the end would be extremely boring television, and this season has had enough problems on its own.

If nothing else, at least tonight’s new episode shook up the season somewhat. We were a big Jeremy fan, and would have much preferred him staying in the game than some other players. However, we were concerned that we would have a straight Pagoning of the minority alliance right to the final six.

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