‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7, episode 11 reaction: Peter Weller on big Charlie Hunnam, Theo Rossi scene

It should really go without saying at this point, but there are some huge spoilers ahead when it comes to “Sons of Anarchy.” Continue reading forward at your own risk.

Now that we’ve said all this, let us get into taking a big look at what we consider to be the greatest scene from last night’s “Suits of Woe”: The shocking confession from Juice to Jax about everything that happened with Tara, with Gemma, and his own role in making sure that the secret stayed buried. He felt he had no choice but to come clean in that moment, and the crazy thing that you still have to remember now is that the chain of chaos is far from over as a result of this. As a matter of fact, it is only beginning.

Peter Weller was the mastermind behind this episode, and it was a pretty brilliant choice given that his character of Barosky was also revealed in here to be the rat at the center of quite a bit this season. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he went into just what it took to create this moment between Charlie Hunnam and Theo Rossi on set:

“First of all, I needed absolute quiet on set. I announced before it started, “This is not just the apex or the climax of the seventh season; it is really the climax of all revelation—the most horrific, horrific revelation in all ofSons of Anarchy. There will be wrap-ups and vengeance, but there will be no revelation like this, that your mother killed your wife. So we gotta shut up, and I’m gonna set up two angles, and we’re gonna do it twice.” I talked to Charlie, and I said, “Do you got two takes in you?” And he said, “Yeah.” I said, “You gotta do it for Theo.” As an actor, you don’t have many more than that in you for that kind of thing: To find out that? The rest of it’s sorta bulls–t after two takes. But I had to edit [the scene], and then they edited it perfectly, and I said, “I don’t want to see it anymore. It’s too damn upsetting.” There are certain things you can’t step away from. I’ve got a three-year-old kid. It’s very difficult to do the revelation of violence when you got a kid.”

Obviously there are two episodes left, and maybe Barosky receives his full reckoning within that span of time. However, we almost feel simultaneously like there are such bigger fish to fry that we don’t really care what happens to him. You could leave the man alive for now, and we wouldn’t be that upset. We ultimately just want to see if Gemma really escapes, and what could happen between her and Jax.

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