‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 9 review: Liam, Amy hurt Karma amidst sea of mud-movers

Faking It -The more that we watch MTV’s “Faking It,” the more that we are starting to think that Hester High is really just the high-school equivalent to Greendale Community College from “Community.” They both are at times very charming, but also completely insane. We’re not entirely sure what the school was doing with their “social experiment” tonight, but it felt like some of those experimental episodes from Dan Harmon and company.

However, Amy and Karma did not get completely transported to another world like the “Community” crew often does. Instead, they had to face some of their problems head-on in the midst of this chaos.

At first, Amy tried to do the typical high-school thing, and that was trying to let Liam stay under the bus. She was attacking him hard, and the hilarious thing is that due to the premise of this “experiment,” Liam almost because a martyr for the other members of his “group.”

Unfortunately, the truth was going to come out here eventually, and it came in order to keep Karma from completely ruining and exposing Liam in front of the entire school for who his parents are. Did she want to get out of this situation without any blood on her hands? Clearly, but that wasn’t possible, and the truth was going to come out eventually.

This happened in the tail end of this episode, when Amy admitted to everything, from her role in sleeping with Liam to her going to Liam’s house. She finally took the blame, and prepared to face the consequences … and you’re going to have to wait until the finale to see what happens next.

While at times “Faking It” has felt a little too repetitive this season, this was the episode that we’ve been waiting for. It was not only really funny, but also so significant to the future direction of the show. We almost wish that it had come a few weeks earlier. Grade: A-.

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