‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 9 review: Cabe Gallo’s ex-wife, Paige’s big decision

Want to know more about Cabe Gallo’s life on “Scorpion”? Well tonight you are going to have that opportunity when we meet an important woman from Cabe’s past.

Drew stops by the garage to have a word with Walter, thanking him for his help last week with Ralph. He tells Walter that it has also helped improve his baseball pitch and his agent thinks that it may be able to help him get back in the game, but this also means a move to Portland. He says that if he gets the position he’s thinking of bringing Ralph with him. He tells Walter to keep it on the down low until he learns if he gets the job, but will Paige let Ralph go with Drew if he gets the job offer?

We meet Cabe’s ex-wife Rebecca – she is part of the case of the week as someone is trying to kill her over a file she accidentally came across involving money laundering. As we would expect, Cabe’s ex-wife is beautiful, smart and a Cabe whisperer. We also learn that Cabe and Rebecca had a daughter that died when when she was very young. The flash drive that Rebecca has file the money laundering files turns out to be her personal drive and on it also has 15 years worth of unsent letters to Cabe that he decides not to read.

When things go sideways, and the Scorpion team’s garage is trashed, they all go off the grid until the case is solved and Cabe takes everyone to his and Rebecca’s old house where their daughter died.

Trying to get completely off the grid seemed to be a challenge as the bad guys come to the house, and take off with Rebecca. Of course she is rescued and the bad guys are captured. Cabe asks if Rebecca ever thinks about him and she says yes and that he’s the love of her life, but she has another family now and she leaves.

Drew has been a good wrench in the Scorpion team (and the Walter/Paige potential romance), but we knew that he wasn’t going to be staying long. He was a father that abandoned his son and only returned because he thought his career was over, not because he missed his life being a father (we don’t really expect him to take Ralph if he leaves). We of course want to see Paige with Walter and Drew to just go to Portland and disappear. Episode grade: B

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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