‘The Fall’ season 2, episode 2 review: Are the police onto Paul Spector?

The FallNow that Paul has his hands on Rose will he be able to get away with murder once again? We fully expected that when Paul said he was done with killing on “The Fall” last season that he wasn’t going to be able to stay away, and he hasn’t.

Tonight we pick up where we left off last time, with Paul forcing Rose to write a letter to her family and leaving with him, but not before her daughter sees her being pushed into a car in the middle of the night.

Rose asks why he took her and he accuses her of going to the police and giving them the sketch of him, but she denies it. He tells her there was no other woman that he has been with that way and that she’s betrayed him (which is later confirmed when he hears a message for Rose from Stella on her cell phone). He brings her to his cabin of horrors, and calls Stella from Roses’ phone to torment her. Stella is pushing the forensics on the scissors that were found and they find a partial print from Paul.

When Roses’ husband, Tom, wakes up the next day and finds the note beside her mouth guard in the kitchen he thinks something is off. Stella also thinks Rose might be in trouble when she doesn’t show up for work and no one’s heard from her. While interviewing Tom, they learn that Rose’s daughter saw Paul the night before.

Katie takes Paul’s daughter Olivia in hopes that it would bring Paul out of the woodwork, and it does as he gives her a key to his hotel. He brings Olivia home and his wife, Sally, and she throws him out, but not before telling him that she doesn’t think that she can have the baby she’s carrying.

When Paul heads back to his room at the hotel (where the creepy owner is spying on him and Katie), and he begins to strangle her, but decides last minute not to kill her. She confronts him about his lies and after a few rounds he comes to his own conclusion that she is trying to get him to have sex with her. He binds her and acts like he’s going to go through with it but instead leaves her tied up and tells her to choose her next move carefully and leave his family alone.

Now that Stella knows that Paul Spector is behind all of this, how quickly will she be able to bring him to justice? Things are moving rapidly this season and we love it. Episode grade: B

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