‘Shark Tank’ review: Heidi Ho, Squatty Potty, Pipcorn (Pipsnacks), Storm Stoppers in 100th episode

The latest -Tonight, “Shark Tank” had a great celebration. It was the 100th episode! Why not throw your hands in the air for a minute or two and relish your success? This show has gotten to this point mostly thanks to a great format, some good sharks, and an editing team that still finds a way to make business very fun.

Oh, and there were some interesting products tonight … including two that made us particularly hungry (and we’re not talking about a toilet). Take a look below, and as always, we’ve linked to the product pages for you to check them out yourself.

Storm Stoppers – We wanted to like this, since there is a very serious need for proper hurricane protection. But perhaps more important than this was John’s sales strategy pitching this product. He didn’t have the enthusiasm, and seemed a little combative when discussing the product with the sharks. We’d buy the product if we had the money and were in a hurricane state, but it is very hard to invest in something like this. No deal.

Pipcorn – The snack looks delicious, and we’d buy this if we saw it. With that being said, it is a risky investment to buy into a grocery product. This is almost the complete opposite of the last pitch. Popcorn is a commodity. You never need it. However, the brother / sister combo pitching it were so enthusiastic and steadfast that they got the sharks to really overpay in a way we don’t often seen. We’re not surprised that they picked Barbara Corcoran over Robert Herjavec, though; she has a history of making money off of food products from this show.

Squatty Potty – A unique twist on a toilet. Who saw those sales figures coming? The truth here is that we believe in all certainty that this product would work through and through. It’s just getting people to take it seriously, and that this really is good for you given how uncomfortable people are talking about their waste.

Ultimately, this could not have gone any better for the brand, even if they didn’t get what they were asking for. Lori Greiner halved their valuation, but after their deal, they have in her a partner who will really go the extra mile to help them be successful. Plus, this is a perfect QVC product since you can educate while selling.

Heidi Ho – Anyone want some “cheese”? We really liked this product, and we also really liked her passion and enthusiasm. Honestly, the only thing that we really regretted about this pitch was that it was so short! Why not give us a little more of it? If nothing else, we know that she got a deal with Lori. That’s worth eating some cheese over.

What did you think about this episode, and are there any products that you would buy? Let us know, and head over here to get some other highlights from this season! You can also sign up to get even more updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo via ABC.)


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