‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ preview: Reed finds Keith’s immunity idol clue

Reed Kelly -So far this season on “Survivor,” there has been little question that at least a few players are leaving something to be desired when it comes to strategy … or really even at times common sense.

At the moment, you can probably rank Keith pretty high when it comes to clueless behavior. We understand he’s got a big personality, but so far, the only real strategically-sound move he’s made this season is realizing that Missi was against him after splitting the vote between him and Dale.

Why in the world would you keep an immunity idol clue if you have the idol already? Stuff that in a pocket, bury it, eat it, or do something! People are going to go through your belongings! This is precisely what Reed does in the sneak peek video below (at the end of “Survivor Live”), and this is potential leverage that he can use to get Keith targeted.

So we know already that this was a bad move on Keith’s part, but is it really a good one for Reed? We’re slightly torn on that. We understand wanting to deflect the target onto someone else, but this obviously looks like a move from someone who is scrambling. Maybe he was told that he was the #1 target now or something, since there is not much of a logical explanation for this otherwise. The only reason we could see him going next over splitting a pair like Wes / Keith up is because he’s smart, athletic, and at least trying to make a move. We feel like the rest of this alliance is slightly akin to after the merge on “Survivor: Redemption Island,” where folks like Ralph and Steve and Julie really did nothing but wait for Boston Rob and company to vote them out.

Let it be known, Reed, that we’re pulling for you to do something … anything to keep the next few weeks from being a total snooze-fest. We have a feeling that a Pagonging is coming based on the tight alliance around Missi and Jeremy.

What do you think about Reed’s move: Smart, or a little too desperate? Let us know, and click here to see our one-on-one interview with Reed’s boyfriend Josh! Also, you can sign up now to get some further TV updates on all we cover via our official CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo via CBS.)


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