‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Charlie Hunnam, Theo Rossi, and ‘Conan’ video highlights

There are not a whole lot of times these days that you associate “Sons of Anarchy” with laughter, but that is what you have here courtesy of the cast and creator Kurt Sutter’s appearance on “Conan” this week.

3. A tribute to Charlie Hunnam’s back – To be fair, Jax Teller showed more back in this show than just about every character ever, and probably because they wanted to constantly remind you of the enormous tattoo that the guy has.

2. Tommy Flanagan and Theo Rossi share fan stories – This was mostly just stuffed full of awkwardness, mostly because there are some fans out there who don’t always think about what they are asking … or maybe they do, and they just don’t care.

We cannot really pick which one of these is our favorite, but each story in here made us laugh pretty hard.

1. The Cold Open – It’s incredibly silly, and sometimes, we prefer things like this to anything else. It references most of the theme song well, and Conan humiliates himself for our enjoyment while wearing a ridiculous goatee. It’s like he tried to be Jax and Tig at the same time, but somehow found a way to fail at both.

There’s another new episode of the show airing on FX come Tuesday night, and we cannot imagine that there will be a whole lot more laughter coming up.

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