‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 8 review: Did Toby ask Happy out on a date?

We were a little worried about “Scorpion” during the first few episodes as the show felt like it was having trouble finding it’s footing, but now it is starting to find it’s stride. Paige has found a way to be useful to the group, the geniuses are actually listening to what she has to say and are trying to implement what they are learning and we have a little romance blooming between Walter and Paige.

Why is Walter drag racing? Seems that now that Drew is back in Paige’s life (not in a romantic way, but as a father to Ralph) Walter isn’t dealing with it that well and has taken this up as a distraction. Toby tells him to stop taking on these high risk activities and advises him to instead deal with his problems, but as usual Walter listens to no one.

Ralph is failing tests and Paige is confused. Is it because Drew is in town and he’s distracted? Ralph is at baseball game with Drew, but it’s not going well as he’s not having a good time. Walter sucks up his dislike for Drew and gives him tips on how to bond with Ralph – it works. Walter suggests that Ralph failed his test to fit in better with Drew in hopes that he won’t leave again, but with Walter’s help it seems that Ralph and Drew are finding some common ground.

Happy meets a music prodigy named Temple on the case of the week that she’s attracted too… Toby doesn’t seem too excited about this, but when Happy uses the word “boyfriend” and Toby in the same sentence he starts to think he may have a chance with her after all. He has two tickets to a monster truck rally and wants to ask her on a first date, but until this thing with Happy and the music prodigy runs it’s course he’s not going to ask her out. Temple asks Happy out and she accepts much to Toby’s disappointment (and ours).

The thing we love about this show is that not only do we get a case of the week, but they find a way to make sure that there is always a substantial story line for our main cast. Episode grade: A

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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