‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 5 review: Does Eugene really have a cure, and is all hope lost?

Eugene -Last week we had an episode of “The Walking Dead” that was all about Beth (although we did have a small cameo from Carol at the very end of the episode as she was wheeled into the hospital holding Beth captive), but tonight we are going to be taking a look at Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Glenn and Maggie as they make their way to Washington to save the world.

The biggest that we learned about tonight’s episode? Eugene loves his hair. Seriously. There were many lines about it. If only his hair was the worst thing about him.

Instead, we learned throughout the course of this hour that Eugene had been carrying with him some pretty terrible secrets, and one that really alters and changes the entire course of the show: He has been lying this whole time about being a scientist, and whether or not he knows the way to stop the zombie apocalypse. Gee, who saw that coming? He deliberately sabotaged the group so that they would not have a chance to get to Washington quickly, and he would be eventually found out.

The hard thing about this reveal for the show is that we liked having a character who brought us a little bit of hope, and without it, we have no idea what sort of show we’re really watching.

Hope is lost for everyone. Abraham, who we found out a ton about tonight, was already falling apart even beforehand, is a mess. He may have also killed Eugene with a punch in the head. The jury is out on that one. Ultimately, Eugene was the only reason that he moved forward in the first place.

This was an excellent episode of the show, and probably one that reminded us more than anything of how excellent Michael Cudlitz is. One of the best performances on the show ever came from tonight. Grade: A-.

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