‘Gotham’ spoilers: Finally, some Selina Kyle scoop!

So far on “Gotham,” we cannot really say that the Selina Kyle character has been a major mover and shaker on the show. She has shown up a few times, but one of her biggest contributions is simply having the knowledge of what happened the night that Bruce Wayne lost his parents … or at least a little bit of it.

So what sort of plans does the show have for the girl to be known someday as Catwoman? Well, here is what we at least know at the moment. According to a new report from TVLine, we are going to be Selina at some point in the pretty near future call none other than Wayne Manor at least her temporary home. That doesn’t mean she will be staying indoors with Bruce and Alfred, but it does at least mean that she and Bruce are most likely going to have a few conversations.

What is mostly interesting about this story to us is that this would make it the first time that the future Batman has come into contact with someone who will be at least sometimes a major adversary to him down the road. the question right now is more of what sort of role Selina is going to play in the present. She seems like the sort to cause trouble, and she will do that in spades.

All of these events are going to occur in the upcoming episode “Harvey Dent,” which is of course where we are going to see the man eventually known as Two-Face for the first time.

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