NBC’s ‘The Voice’ season 7: The curious case of montaged Rebekah Samarin

The Voice -One of the strangest things happened on this past episode of “The Voice,” and we really did not start to think about it fully into this morning.

Is there a contestant from the show who was mistreated more than Rebekah Samarin? We suppose that there are some who fail at the Blind Auditions and are never even shown, but at least they have no expectation of ever making it on TV. Clearly, Samarin had to think she would be shown at some point. You heard about three seconds of her performing in the Blinds, but that was literally the last time you heard her voice on the show. Her entire Battle Rounds performance was montaged, and then, when Matt McAndrew defeated her in the Knockout Rounds, we only heard his performance. Maybe the editors realized at the last minute that they would have to montage someone, and they thought it would be easier to do it to her, given that they had spent almost no time at all on her. Given that she did enough to win at least one battle on Team Adam Levine, she had to be pretty good.

Over here, you can read what Samarin said about her time on the show, and while she did a good job taking the high road, it’s also clear that she’s pretty upset over being completely ignored … and justifiably so. You put a lot of time and effort into being on this show, and you do it so that you have a platform. She had no platform at all.

Of course, here is the irony that comes out of this: By not having any airtime at all, she ultimately gets more attention than many other contestants who are eliminated at this round. She now has something she is specifically known for, and maybe some will look up her music out of curiosity.

Anyhow, just an interesting note from last night. If you want to read our full review for Monday’s episode, you can do so over here. Also, sign up to get some further news worth singing about sent right to you via our official CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo via NBC.)

Update: If you want to hear her, the studio version of her blind audition is below.

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