‘Gotham’ episode 7 preview: Victor Zsasz enters the picture

For those of you wondering when we’d see a genuine Gotham City villain enter “Gotham” at almost full-strength, you’re going to see some of that on Monday night’s new episode of the show. As the title gives away, the man that we are talking about here is none other than Victor Zsasz.

Those who have followed the Batman comics over the past couple of decades should be familiar with the psychopathic killer already. He has been a formidable opponent to the Dark Knight, and prefers to use knives to kill off his victims. One of his other fascinations is merely accumulating as high a body count as possible.

This is a character who in some ways has been under-used through many mediums of storytelling. For example, save for a brief appearance in “Batman Begins,” he has not been around for any of the live-action feature films. Also, he was not a big part of any of the animated shows. At this point, most people who follow Batman, but do not read the comics, probably know him best courtesy of his appearances in some of the recent video games. His mission in “Batman: Arkham City” is pretty darn intense.

On the “Gotham” show, what we know about Zsasz at the moment is very little, save for that he still loves knives, and has a major vendetta with Jim Gordon. Clearly, he has a score so big to settle with him that it leads to him entering the GCPD without a whole lot of hesitation.

Ultimately, the one thing that we’ll say is that this should in the end be extremely interesting to watch unfold.

What do you think about this preview, and how excited are you to see Zsasz in action? Share below.

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