‘Supergirl’ spoilers: Further casting intel on CBS series

We admit that we’re still shocked first and foremost that CBS is even doing a “Supergirl” series, and while they’ve already ordered it, there is just as much a part of us that wonders if they are either going to make this into a summer event, or try to shift it to The CW like they did with “Ringer” years back.

Yesterday, we wrote in an article about casting the main character of Kara, and also her older sister (who is an expert on the paranormal and works for a government organization). Now, we’re learning about some of this show’s supporting players. All of this intel comes courtesy of TVLine.

Cat Grant – The show is casting someone in their forties, any ethnicity, to be the head of CatCo, the media empire that she started many years beforehand. Our lead Kara will work for her as an assistant.

James “Jimmy” Olsen – He is a photographer (go figure) for CatCo, and a character very well-known for being a part of the Superman universe.

Winslow “Wynn” Scott – A young tech genius for CatCo, who also lives near Cat and has a crush on her. Comic readers known that ultimately, this man may not be up to any good. It’s hard to know if the show will go in this same direction.

Hank Henshaw – He is a high-ranking officer in a government organization, and like Kara’s sister, understands a lot of the world beyond planet Earth. He is very concerned about her powers the moment she publicly reveals herself.

We’re still not sure ultimately about this show. We love the idea of it and Greg Berlanti has proven himself with “Arrow” and “The Flash.” However, at the same time we worry that CBS will try to turn it into something it doesn’t need to be.

We’ll have some further updates on the show very soon, so be sure to be on the lookout!

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