‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 6 review: Linda Hunt and Super Fun Guy

Have you been wanting to see a bit of an “NCIS: Los Angeles” crossover on “Scorpion”? Well tonight your dreams come true, because Linda Hunt will be taking her role of Hetty over to team “Scorpion” to help them on a mission. Now that things seem to be all tied up with her storyline on “NCIS: Los Angeles” she clearly has a break to help out our 4 geniuses.

This was a great episode for Paige and the first time that we really appreciated her character being part of the show. Walter can’t connect to art, or see the worth in anything that’s not science or technology based, but Paige pushes him to be more friendly and more social so that they can actually get more jobs.

When the Scorpion team gets a job upgrading a museum security because a priceless painting is there Walter tries to implement what he’s learned from Paige. Watching Walter try to connect with a person is was kinda funny, but watching him try to connect to art (and subsequently cutting the ‘priceless’ painting in half) was painful… then we learn it’s a fake.

To find out more about the fake painting, the team brought in Hetty for help and she reveals that the original painting has been stolen before. She also hooked up the group with outfits to blend into a high society party where they think the painting may be.

The party was good for Walter, because he was able to not only observe proper social behavior, but implement it as well with Paige on his arm. Watching  Paige and Walter dance we hoped to see some chemistry between them since this is where the show seems to be going with this pair, but it’s tough to see with Walter being so socially awkward. Although we did like seeing Walter get jealous when he saw someone else dancing with Paige. Maybe there’s hope for these two after all?

When they finally get the painting, they ‘accidentally’ blow up the car that it’s in and the whole team is forced into talking with a therapist and it seems the major topic of  discussion is Walter and how the team is loyal to them. The therapist calls Walter out on resetting a recording device he was using while dancing with Paige to get 30 extra seconds of dancing with her.

So was the painting really blown up? No – Hetty helped them get the painting back to the original family, so it won’t end up at a museum again. Walter learned that things have meaning and that with his help, his team is enjoying a family environment.

This was a great episode because we finally got what we wanted – seeing Paige have purpose! It’s taken 5 episodes to get here, but finally we’ve arrived and we don’t think that Paige is completely useless anymore. She helped guide Walter and he actually tried to listen. Also… watching Sylvester run into Galactic toys like his pants were on fire and emerge with a Super Fun Guy tee-shirt was the highlight of our night and our night included having a tasty pizza for dinner. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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