‘Ink Master: Rivals’ exclusive: Angel Bauta on tattoos, surprising elimination and Cris Element

Ink MasterAngel Bauta is someone that we have been rooting for ever since this season of “Ink Master: Rivals” started. He’s a great tattoo artist, he’s passionate, he’s incredibly entertaining to watch and it doesn’t hurt that he reminds us of one of our favorite “Game of Thrones” characters (Drogo – a total badass). What can we say…. we love, love, love him!

So to say that we were disappointed to see Angel get eliminated this week is the understatement of the year (we have been sobbing in buckets of ice cream). Luckily we had a chance to talk with him about his rivalry with Cris Element, his surprising elimination over Don or Julia and what made him want to try out for Ink Master.

CarterMatt: We absolutely loved watching you on the show and are sorry to see you go: Which tattoo were you most proud of this season?

I would have to say all of them, whether good or bad.

Were you surprised that you went home this week over Don or Julia and why?

I was stunned I was sent home. Why?! Because Don didn’t know bio mec. and said he didn’t like doing it! Julia didn’t know how to draw bio mec, till’ I showed her, and Eric was voted worst of the day! So why pick on me?!

What made you want to try out for Ink Master?

I felt it was a good way of working on no longer having to introduce myself at tea parties.

What was the environment like being with the other artists all the time in the loft and on set?

It helped me realize that there are many different characters and skills out there.

Did you find that the judges critiques were helpful and which judge did you find to have the best critiques?

The judges critiques were helpful only in having me pay attention to detail.

How is your rivalry with Cris since being on the show?

It no longer exists.

You seemed pretty upset that Cris was “giving up”, did your rivalry with him push you to do better work?

The entire household did! What I didn’t expect was to compete against the judges as well!

Now that you are no longer on the show, who are you rooting for to win and why?

I’m rooting for Eric because he is a hometown boy and a serious tattoo artist that is not afraid to ask for advice when needed.

If clients want to book you for a tattoo, what is the best way for them to get a hold of you?

Contact work (718.833.8133) or Twitter Angel_Bauta or Instagram Angel_Ta2


A special thanks to Angel for taking the time to chat with us about his time on the show. This was a huge loss for this season of “Ink Master” and we are going to miss Angel being a badass and giving us some of our favorite tattoos this season.

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