‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 5 review: Nicky and Henry learn social media downfalls

CBS LogoWe had a little bit of movement last week on the Jamie/Eddy romance on “Blue Bloods” when he started dating a doctor and Eddie became a little jealous. Earlier this season Jamie’s boss was worried that he was in love with her and threatened to split them up as partners, but he buried his feelings deep inside so that wouldn’t happen – will Eddie be able to keep it together if his relationship with the doctor starts to get serious?

Jamie tries to save a woman who is being beaten and threatened (she later dies),  and the killer then wants Jamie’s head on a platter. Henry runs his mouth at an event about Jamie, how he would deal with the situation if he wasn’t retired and stories of what they did back in the day when someone threatened a cop. A waiter at the event tapes Henry’s confession and puts it on the internet claiming “police brutality”. Seems that whether you are young or old, the internet affects us all, especially when things go viral. Henry is blasted from what he said, but he stands behind his comments and doesn’t care if the world has changed.

Jamie and Eddie are attacked while in their car and on duty and he is then put into protection, but Eddie isn’t. Turns out the man that is after Jamie took Eddie and plans to kill her – luckily Jamie and the crew find her before anything too bad happens and we get a nice Eddie/Jamie moment between them.

Nicky is applying for a prestigious college, but Erin is told that she needs to get a hold of Nicky’s social media presence before they will process her application any further. What is going on when it comes to Nicky and the internet? She posted some nasty comments about one of her teachers at her current school on Twitter and the college she interviewed for is questioning whether or not they want someone who will openly flame their school if she has a bad day.

Erin brings Nicky to face her teacher that she disrespected and apologizes for what she did, saying that she deleted the tweet. When Erin meets the teacher she realizes why Nicky posted that comment in the first place (not a nice woman!) Her teacher calls later Nicky out in class about Henry’s video, turning the class against her.

It was a very cool and current storyline concerning Nicky’s social media and how it can affect real life. Many people don’t always realize that what you put out on the internet on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms can follow you off the internet. Episode grade: A-

Photo: CBS

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