‘How to Get Away with Murder’ episode 5 review: Wes learns the truth on Annalise’s husband

How to Get Away -As we get further and further into “How to Get Away with Murder,” some things are starting to become clearer. For example, Annalise Keating has quite possibly one of the worst marriages ever. She’s cheating on him, he’s cheating on her, and there were understandable reasons for her to think that he may have killed Lila Stangard.

A good percentage of the night was spent mostly on a case-of-the-week that was to us not altogether interesting, even if it was proof that sometimes if you work hard enough, you can achieve mistrial. In Annalise’s world, this is sometimes a victory.

As for the biggest shocker of the night, we leave that to Wes and Rebecca, as she warned him near the very end not to trust Annalise. Trough the wallpaper on a cell-phone image, he was able to uncover that it was in fact Sam Keating who was the mystery Mr. Dracy, and he now has a much more intriguing position. How in the world does she keep him in line now? That’s something we’re going to have to figure out.

The biggest problem that we have with the show still is that nobody’s that accessible thanks to the jerky storytelling. While we don’t necessarily need a hero, we do at least need to get a sense of what we’re watching, and who we can connect to. It’s a problem we even had with “Veep” in the early going. A show can succeed without it, but it takes time. Grade: B-.

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