‘Gotham’ episode 5 review: Why not just bring in Scarecrow?

It didn’t take too much time for “Gotham” to really get crazy, but we also feel like there is some slight controversy around it.

We do have to start things off here by saying this: For the most part, we really enjoyed “Viper.” It kept the momentum of the past two episodes going, and to go along with that, it eliminated some of the weaker stuff like the distracting Barbara storylines. Instead, it focused more on Bullock and Gordon, a great case, and some wonderful moments for the Penguin, Bruce Wayne, and some other characters.

Let’s start here when it comes to how Wayne Enterprises tried to make Bruce feel like absolutely nothing, even though he actually understood the company far more than many of them understood. He was right in the middle of letting his thoughts be known about the company’s dirty dealings when proof of them surfaced via our villain of the week.

Here is the only major problem we have with this episode. While this “Viper” wasn’t exactly identical to the sort of hallucinogens handed out by Scarecrow, it was similar enough to make us wonder why we aren’t just getting the real villain at this point. We know that he is probably being saved for Batman, but we prefer our bad guys on this to be a little something other than copies of what we feel are the real villains we’ll be seeing later. We don’t want to be reminded that this is basically Scarecrow.

While this villain ended up taking her our own life, the only other big reveal that took place in here was finally figuring out a little of what Fish Mooney’s plan was for her trainee. She used her to get close to Falcone, though this is far from over now. Grade: B.

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