‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 5 preview: Why is Liz Keen in a hospital bed?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThroughout the second season of “The Blacklist,” we have continued to learn a variety of things about our main characters, including what makes them tick, how they operate under stress, and how they truly feel about each other.

Let the attached photo here from tonight’s “The Front” serve as proof that to a certain extent, Raymond Reddington does care about Elizabeth Keen … even if he cares about himself such more. Is there genuine concern here? Possibly, but if we wanted to read into the title, this is also a front on Red’s part in an effort to further ensure that he has the trust of his partner-of-sorts. Looking like he cares is really the only option to keep that professional relationship going.

As for how Megan Boone’s character is hospitalized in the first place, tonight’s episode has a bio-weapon crisis at the center of it, as our Blacklister uses others to spread one of the deadliest viruses known to mankind. This probably wasn’t the best timing ever given the Ebola crisis, but hats off to NBC for not giving into a panic and censoring / preempting this episode. This is art rather than fiction, and really should be thought of as such.

Hopefully, this episode will also allow for more information about Jennifer, the mysterious woman who has some sort of ties to both Red and Naomi. Without getting into biological questions and whatnot given that this can make things confusing, we know that both parties at least considered her to be a daughter.

(Photo via NBC.)

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