‘Chicago Fire’ season 3, episode 5 preview: This may make you afraid of heights

“Chicago Fire” is a show that does a variety of things very well, but one thing we feel is somewhat underrated for them is how they really play around with perspective.

There is something about the sneak-peek video below that is particularly terrifying, and much of that is the way that the cameras play with putting you right into the action as Casey and Dawson ascend to the top of a burning building. It really gives you a sense of the danger of this profession, and also how terrified we’d be to even be a part of this production sometimes (and we’re not even that terrified of heights).

Story-wise, there really is not too much to take away from this preview other than that Dawson is still trying to figure out what it takes to be a firefighter out in the field. She suffered some growing pains this past episode in more ways than one. Not only did she have a few bumps in the road, but she also fell victim to a prank after being so wary of them in the early going.

There is of course a whole lot more happening in this episode that you don’t see in the preview, and the one thing (or, we should say, the one person) we’re still the most curious about is Severide. How is he going to handle his current phase of dealing with grief? So far this season, losing Shay has been particularly hard on him more than others.

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