ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 4 review: Why is Alexis fussing over Castle?

The latest -Last week on “Castle” we saw our favorite TV couple finally get romantic since he went missing for two months, so does that mean that we are a step closer to that Castle/Beckett wedding we were robbed of last season?

Although Castle has been back for a little while now, Alexis and Martha can’t stop fussing over him: Making him his favorite dinner, going all over town to find him his favorite ice cream and cleaning up after him. Beckett understands that they are happy to have him back, but she is right when she says that it’s a little weird to see Alexis fussing over him. Castle of course is enjoying the attention, but when Alexis starts spoon feeding him, making his lunch, and putting a tracker on his phone he realizes that it’s going too far and decides to talk to her. She is worried that he is going to disappear again, but he assures her that he won’t be going away again – but can she really trusts that since he doesn’t even know why he left?

The story of the week involved a dead man in an ice cream truck, a murdered ex cop and Castle trying to control a classroom of second graders that were hell bent on destroying him as he tries to find an eye witness to the crime. The moment of the week was when one of the second graders asks Beckett and Castle if they are getting married and they answer by saying “someday”. It may not be the answer we want, but it’s still on the table right?

If you were hoping to get some more movement on the Castle/Beckett wedding like we were you were likely disappointed with this episode, however if you were looking to just watch a fun crazy mystery wrapped up in an ice cream truck then this was the episode for you! We do love that the show has gotten back to it’s roots (Beckett being a badass and Castle being a goofy man child), but we really feel that there should be at least some talk of the wedding at this point from Beckett and Castle and not from a second grader. Episode grade: C

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Castle” and are you happier now that Rick and Beckett are reunited?  Head over here to see some sneak peeks for next week’s all new episode. Also, you can sign up to score some further TV updates on all we cover right now via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: ABC)

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