‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4, episode 4 review: Hook, Rumple, and Sarah Fisher

Hook -We knew that “Frozen” was going to be a key part of the story on “Once Upon a Time” season 4, but who would’ve known at the same time that Mickey Mouse would have a part in the story, as well?

Basically, “Fantasia” references were frequent throughout “The Apprentice,” which was mostly the story all about how Rumpelstiltskin in the past and present continued to acquire more power for themselves. Also, it was the story about how guys can be jerks, and continue to disappoint most of the women in their lives.

In the past, this story was all about Anna working to get her way back to Arendelle with Kristoff and Elsa, at least after learning from Rumple that her parents were looking for a way to get rid of their daughters’ powers. This was not the reason that she was hoping for, and was devastating by the end of it.

Then, the story in the present was really about Captain Hook, and whether or not he could actually change. Rumple tricked him into thinking that his extra hand would allow him to become the dark pirate that he once was. He and Emma went on their romantic date, but by the end of it, Hook thought the hand was corrupting him … even though Rumple told him later that it was basically a placebo, and he is who he is.

Despite all of the dark notes at the end of the episode, we actually ended with a slice of levity: Henry offering to be Mr. Gold’s apprentice, mostly so that he could try to figure how he changed his story in the book.

The other big reveal tonight? Sarah Fisher is the name of the Snow Queen, or at least the one that she is going by in Storybrooke at the time that she is found. This isn’t a big reveal, but it at least adds another dimension to her character. Grade: B+.

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