‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 2 review: Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon the cutest non-couple ever?

The Walking DeadLast week on “The Walking Dead” we saw Carol, Tyreese and Judith reunite with Rick, Daryl and the crew as Terminus burned to the ground (luckily no one from our main group became someone’s dinner – although Robin Lord Taylor from “Gotham” may have been made into a meat pie.)

Carol is back with the group and while some people accept what she did at the prison (including Tyreese) some people are still raw about that situation. Ironically this is Carol’s turf after Rick sent her on her way to fend for herself and now Rick and the group are joining her (which she happily accepts).

While trekking through the forest the group finds a priest named Gabriel, all alone and being attacked by walkers. When Rick asks his questions about killing walkers or people, Gabriel admits that he hasn’t killed anyone, it goes against what he believes, but the group suspects that there are some dark secrets in Gabriel. He tells them that he has a church nearby and takes them to it where they plan to get themselves together before fixing up a bus they found to move onto their next place (Supply run!)

Abraham wants to get everyone going to Washington so Eugene can help get the cure implemented, but everyone is sticking with Rick (who at this point he doesn’t seem to have a plan). Bob tries to talk Rick about Washington, saying that there is a lot of momentum behind this idea, but Rick says he’s undecided. Once Abraham has them all in a group together he tries to rally everyone on the idea of Washington and finally Rick bends saying that they are going to go to Washington.

Carol and Daryl are the cutest TV non-couple ever: Watching him try to talk to Carol about what happened while they were apart, saying whatever happened, whatever she did, that it’s in the past and she can start over now was a beautiful moment between them. Also, Daryl fumbling the water  and dropping it on the floor nervously was a moment worth smiling about.

Carol decides to leave the group in the middle of the night , but Daryl isn’t going to let that happen. While trying to stop her he sees a car drive by with the same markings on it as the car that took Beth.

Bob and Sasha have struck up a romantic relationship and it’s nice to see people finding some happiness in this world, but this is “The Walking Dead” and of course it’s short lived when Bob gets attacked and is taken by the survivors from Terminus. They have cut Bob’s leg off and are eating it in front of him – also they know Rick and his group are staying at the church… not good.

Not a lot happened in this episode – seems that we are back to supply runs and surviving, but we are curious to learn more about Father Gabriel and once Beth is part of the group again will there be a struggle between Carol and Beth over Daryl?  Episode grade: B-

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