‘Peter Pan Live’: NBC releases new poster with Allison Williams, Christopher Walken

NBC -Come December 4, NBC is doing one of the riskiest things that they possibly could for the second year in a row: Live theater. It may be entertaining, or it may be a complete disaster. We really have no idea.

Regardless, the network is putting on their “Peter Pan Live” production as a follow-up to the super-successful “The Sound of Music Live,” which was the ultimate in hot messes. Carrie Underwood could sing, and that was really about it. Meanwhile, this was made more noticeable by how good so many others were around her.

What we will give this particular show a chance at is that they’ve at least got two accomplished people in the lead here in Allison Williams as Pan, and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. Both are accomplished performers, and we know from before “Girls” that Williams can certainly sing. We know that there are some who are out there complaining about the casting, but it goes in line with tradition for the play.

Meanwhile, we’re not so sure about the actual musical appeal here. One of the reasons we feel like “The Sound of Music” worked is because those songs were so iconic. We cannot sit here and tell you a single song from this musical, even if we know the story of Pan. We feel like NBC would have been better off with “Annie,” or so other musical where some of the numbers are things people could look forward to.

As for the poster below, it’s 120% camp to the point of it being hilarious. Some will love it, and some others will probably hate it. We personally find it somewhat hilarious, and probably about as campy as the show itself will be.

We’ll have some more news related to this production closer to its start date, but for now, share what you think about the poster below! You can also sign up to score some further TV updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Peter Pan -


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