‘How to Get Away with Murder’ episode 4 review: Can Wes really help Rebecca?

How to Get Away with Murder -Back during the second week of ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” we were watching the show with some serious doubts about whether or not this particular show could pull off everything that it was setting up, in between the story in the past, and also the one going on in the present.

For Wes, the largest challenge that he’s going to be facing moving forward now is building a relationship with Rebecca that is built entirely on trust. He has something with her now that could be beneficial to her case, but the road for her is far from over. Bailing her out was just a part of the story.

We find the Rebecca / Wes story at the moment to be both the one aided the most by the time jumps, and also the most interesting twosome out of anyone. They’ve both entered this with almost nothing, and they find a certain confidence within each other.

As for the rest of the episode, the weathered nature of what Annalise is going through was best summed up by the way that she removed her wig and makeup at the end of the episode, slowly and methodically. Finding out that her husband had a dark and sensual past (at least most likely) with Lila Stangard is not the easiest thing in the world to handle, even if she has not exactly been faithful in her own right. This case is only heating up, as is our interest in the show.

Given we are dealing with a 15-episode season here, the action for Annalise and company has to be building quickly, and it is. While we’re stopping short of saying that this is the best drama of the new season, it is doing quite a bit right. Grade: B+.

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