‘Better Call Saul’ spoilers: Bob Odenkirk (briefly) hypes up new AMC series

Better Call Saul season 1If you know Bob Odenkirk, then you know that he is a man of many talents. He is a writer, a sketch legend, and most recently an actor in dramatic roles. “Fargo” and “Breaking Bad” have allowed him to reach a new level of celebrity, and one that he hasn’t had before now.

Odenkirk is promoting his new book A Load of Hooey, and in an effort to do that better, he did a pretty extensive AMA on Reddit. Of course, the question of “Better Call Saul” came up, and here was his response to how excited we should be about the series:

“Very. Having said that, I hope you’ll allow us to have created our own unique show…it’s not “more” Breaking Bad…it’s a unique thing, and if you’ll give us a few episodes, you’ll really start to see the qualities that make it something altogether new.”

Also, he touched a little on some of the similarities to the two shows, making what we feel is a pretty apt analogy with one of the most successful spin-off shows of all time:

“I think “Better Call Saul” will share a “sh**-ton” of audience with “Breaking Bad” for obvious reasons, BUT ALSO, will have it’s own audience, and I cannot tell you what would describe them. I think of CHEERS and FRASIER…same writers, totally different shows, somewhat shared audience but not exactly the same…”

The obvious difference we can think of here is that a good percentage of “Better Call Saul” will take place in the past, which poses some different issues that “Frasier” never had to deal with. For one, this show cannot alter the path that we see for Saul in “Breaking Bad.”

Photo: AMC

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