‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 4 review: Is Drew Christy out of his mind?

Drew Christy -Throughout the first three episodes of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” the inability of Coyopa to succeed at really anything was a major theme. With that, we ended up missing out the process on the massive mess that was Hunahpu.

What a crazy tribe this is! First of all, Drew is completely insane. He went back-and-forth with Jeff Probst after finding the old flint, and then, after volunteering to go to Exile Island, he decided that he wanted to throw the Immunity Challenge to cut out the dead weight. What he didn’t realize is that while he was gone, Jeremy and Keith were at odds, mostly because the latter told everyone that the former had the immunity idol. Ironically, he did this right before finding it himself, and creating a mess for himself for no reason. Terrible gameplay, since he wouldn’t have been a target.

We should actually say that in theory, we’re really not against the idea of throwing a challenge in this game. If you have someone you know for sure is going to be against your tribe at the merge and will flip, we’d throw a challenge to get rid of them. However, there’s no real reason to in this case! While some players may be useless, all of them seem to be reasonably loyal enough right now. Drew seemed to make up this reason in his mind.

So when Drew was defeated almost single-handedly by Dale, the oldest person on Coyopa, it set up a pretty hilarious situation going into Tribal Council where he could be going home. The only thing that could save him is Keith being someone insane in his own right over the immunity idol.

Back at camp, we learned that Drew really wanted to target the “mastermind” Kelley, since he thinks that her passion for the game is the reason she is a threat down the line. We really like Kelley, so we’d be really bummed to see her leave right now.

When it came time to vote, we assumed that it was between Kelley and Drew, but there was no real way to know that for sure since everyone was going back and forth like crazy.

Then, DREW GOT VOTED OFF AND IT WAS AMAZING. Sorry for the all caps, but this has to go down as one of the most hilarious things ever on the show. The mastermind basically turned out to be little more the a court jester, and we were enjoying every second. Grade: A.

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