TV Quick Hits: ‘Friends’ on Netflix; ‘New Girl’ season 4 spoilers; Jay Leno on Joan Rivers

“Friends” gets January 1 Netflix date – The date that many have been waiting for is here, and you can make a New Year’s Resolution right now to watch all of the episodes. All seasons of the landmark comedy will be available on the streaming service in the aforementioned date.

To make the celebration of the show’s return all the greater, Netflix also put together the video HERE. Hooray for surprises! Now, we just have to wait in order to find out if “Seinfeld” is ever going to get the same treatment. Jerry said a while back on Reddit that this was something that he was considering.

“New Girl” to create new love for Schmidt – good news for all those who want to see Schmidt find someone new: You’re going to see a new major love interest for the guy a little later this season! This news was first confirmed by TVLine, though we would have been just as happy if we were going to get Merritt Wever coming back.

The somewhat-frustrating thing about this casting is that it does still feel like we are destined to see Schmidt and Cece together, so almost anything else is merely a diversion while we wait for that to happen a little later on.

Jay Leno on Joan Rivers – Why didn’t Jay ever have Joan on “The Tonight Show” during his tenure? The origins of this stemmed from a feud that the former host Johnny Carson had with her, when she decided to host a rival late-night talk show many years ago.

In the video below with “Access Hollywood” where he is starting to promote his new “Jay Leno’s Garage” CNBC show, Leno said that it was almost too awkward given the history that was there between the show and Joan, even after Carson passed away. Joan died earlier this year, but she did get to return to the show under Jimmy Fallon.

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