‘The Affair’ premiere: Showtime puts pilot episode online for Joshua Jackson series

The Affair -Tomorrow night, viewers of Showtime are going to get a chance to see what is the pilot episode of a show that they have quite a bit of hope in to be the next big thing: “The Affair.” It’s getting the same treatment as “Masters of Sex,” after all, in coming on after “Homeland.” That worked pretty well for it, now didn’t it?

Well, the expectations are high for this new show, which features Ruth Wilson, Joshua Jackson in his first regular role since “Fringe,” and many others in a story that changes and evolves based on┬áthe narrative. It’s a complicated series, and one with a title alone that is going to raise eyebrows. If Showtime wants controversy (and we are pretty sure they do), then they are going to be getting some of it here.

Regardless of how good the pilot is, which you can watch in full below (at least a slightly-edited version for YouTube), the real impact of this series is going to be felt the same way that it is for many others. By this, we mean that you will most-likely start to see a few weeks from now just how substantial an impact the show makes. Cable series are not like their broadcast counterparts, where everyone just starts watching almost right away. Instead, it is more of a situation where they hear about it from a friend, get hooked, and then they try to catch up and start watching themselves.

Basically, the fact that the pilot is online already should be further proof that Showtime isn’t too concerned about their ratings just yet.

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