‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 3 review: Frank takes on the church

CBS LogoDealing with issues related to sexuality is still an uncomfortable subject in some circles, even if it really shouldn’t be at this point. The world of the police is one of these such places, and that was by far the most fascinating aspect of Friday night’s “Blue Bloods.”

When the truth came out about Fuentes’ sexuality, he did almost everything that he could in order to hide the truth from the others. As a matter of fact, he even at one point attempted to just walk away rather than serving as a witness. When the information was out there, it was clear that some on the force would treat him differently. There were slurs and stereotypes used throughout, and also controversy when it comes to even how some older people continued to talk about homosexuality.

Frank, being a man who seems to care about results more than someone’s personal life and who they choose to kiss, chose to make a statement where he made his thoughts on the matter very clear. Unfortunately, these comments landed him in how water with the archdiocese, and he found himself in a place where there were demands for an apology. He didn’t make one. He stuck by what he said, and learned in the process that while this opinion would not make everyone happy, it was the only decision he could live with.

There were some other plots throughout the hour, but they to us were not nearly as standout or important. What we really appreciated about this was that there was not a particular agenda that was shoved down anyone’s throats, and nor were we in a world where everyone is progressive. This story allowed us to see the ignorance of some, and sometimes, these are just people who need an education. Maybe Frank sent them on the right path. Grade: A-.

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