‘Chicago PD’ season 2, episode 3 review: Halstead, the silent hero

Tonight, “Chicago PD” had some difficult challenges to tackle. Halstead tried to take on a potential assailant, Lindsay had to deal with the thought of her mother getting married, and there were just as many criminals on the loose as ever.

In the end, this was one of the more intense episodes that we’ve seen this season, especially in that it asks quite a bit from the characters, and not all of them won out as a result of it. Even some of the good guys felt consequences for their actions, and for Halstead, his heroism came with a price.

As it was explained, nobody could ever really know what Halstead did in order to be a hero, and that had to be difficult … though not as difficult as being targeted for death in the first place.

The episode ended mostly with stories about Lindsay and her mommy issues. She did show up for her mother on her wedding day, even though that there was some general awkwardness there. Hopefully, this is something that will be further explored down the road. She clearly has a complicated history with this woman, and it could be very interesting to further explore. For now, though, Lindsay made it clear that Voight and the PD are her family, even if they may disagree or butt heads at times.

There are times in which we wish that “Chicago PD” did a little bit more to surprise us, but what we enjoyed this week was not the gunfire or the big arrests as it was the subtlety. The final few minutes of this episode may be enough to get you feeling a little bit emotional, looking at at Halstead and Lindsay each tackle different parts of their lives, and what it means to be a strong person. Grade: B-.

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