‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 3 review: John Rocker has few friends

Survivor -Sooner or later, we are looking forward to an episode of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” where we don’t have to talk about John Rocker so much. We’re not doing it because he’s famous; instead, it is because he is literally the focal point of every single part of the story right now.

Basically, Rocker showed himself first and foremost to be a terrible strategist by blabbing to anyone and everyone about his deal with Jeremy, proving that he doesn’t tell the truth to everyone. That was made clearer when he had an idol, and only told Josh about it. There is a five-guy alliance dominating the game right now, but as Josh said, you don’t always want to stay with your allies.

As for his comments at the immunity challenge, pretty awful. Did Natalie egg him on somewhat by bringing up his Sports Illustrated comments? Sure, but he has to hold his tongue. That is who Natalie is; she likes to stir the pot, and if she wants John out, of course she is going to yell about it.

There is a certainly something interesting to be said about keeping John, if only that he will be target #1 at the merge rather than someone else. With that being said, do you really want to be close to someone with so much negativity around them?

In the end, Josh and the guys did the right thing in getting rid of the guy. We understand the other arguments, but if you hit the merge without the numbers, nobody was going to work with you if they have that much of a bad taste over Rocker. You have to think for the future, especially if he was hurting your present so much.

Elsewhere in this episode, there were some pretty great stuff at Exile Island featuring Josh and Keith, despite Keith’s bizarre comment that Josh automatically wants to spoon with him because he’s gay. Hunahpu is a bit of a hot mess right now, and Jeremy and Natalie probably are being a little too vocal for their own good. The big winner over there for now? Kelley. She’s not bothering anyone, and everyone seems to like her.

In the end, this was a good blindside, and a strong way to end an episode this early in the season. The Rocker saga is over, and he had an idol to boot. Grade: A-.

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