‘Gotham’ episode 3 review: Was ‘The Balloonman’ the strongest episode yet?

Gotham -Last week, we were starting to get a little confused about what sort of show “Gotham” really wanted to be. There were times when it felt legitimately like the show was trying way too hard to make DC Comics fans like it, and that made many of them want to turn away.

Luckily, we feel like “The Balloonman” was the show’s best episode for many reasons, starting with the fact that you had placed the story into more of a comic-book world. Having our first real vigilante, a man responsible for tying corrupt cops and others who would never be punished onto weather balloons, felt like a cool, interesting villain. Meanwhile, we saw more of Badass Bullock as he tried to give the villain in the end a taste of his own medicine.

After a couple of weeks of craziness, the story for the Penguin tonight finally slowed down. Oswald Cobblepot had to go undercover and out of sight with a new job, one where he will have to work his way back from the bottom.

Oswald’s return may also play a role for Jim Gordon, whose relationship with Barbara was starting to hit the rocks again courtesy of some latest rumor-spreading by the MCU, who are quickly becoming the high-school gossip of the city. She was under the impression that Gordon killed the Penguin … which we suppose is the same as everyone else. We still don’t care for Barbara character, but at least she’s starting to get a little less uptight.

Do we not entirely understand how Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle fit into the story in the long-term? Definitely, but at least “The Balloonman” gave us a clearer view of what this series can be, and it was entertaining. We’re not asking for a whole lot more right now. Grade: B.

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