ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 7, episode 2 review: Will Beckett and Castle get married in a month?

The latest -Last week’s premiere of “Castle” was quite the mystery, and of course we are always happy to see a good mystery on this show, but it was at the expense of Beckett and Castle’s relationship taking a few steps backwards. If you were one of the many fans hoping that Castle and Beckett would get married once they were reunited, you are likely sobbing into a bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream like we are.

While on a talk show, Castle was ambushed by the reporter saying that he was faking his amnesia, that he had cold feet about his wedding and that he faked his disappearance to drum up book sales. Castle realizes that no one believes him and to prove what he’s saying is true he offers up $250,000 to anyone that has verifiable proof of what happened to him during the two months he was missing… and he’s offered up the precinct’s number (and kisses the captain on the lips to distract her from this when she goes nuclear on him).

Beckett is still having a difficult time trusting Castle since the evidence is still stacked against him, but Castle is acting like everything is okay. She hopes that the reward Castle offered will help bring new evidence to light, but for the most part it’s just crazies.

Finally a couple comes forward with a picture of Castle in Montreal talking to the man who Beckett met at the trailer and sees that he was at a bank. Alexis and Castle go to the Montreal bank thinking the key found on Castle is to a safety deposit box. Inside the box is letters addressed to Beckett, Martha and Alexis and each one has a memory card inside. So what’s on it? A video of Castle saying that if she’s watching the video that he’s probably dead and that he never wanted to leave her on their wedding day and the other two memory cards are the same messages. Goodbye messages.

In the background of one of the video messages there is a city building out of the window and he figures out where in Montreal that is. He takes off for that address, not telling Beckett where he’s gone… not exactly a great way to build trust, but we understand his want for answers (of course she finds out anyways).

Castle meets a man at the address and the man tells him to stop looking for answers, that Castle asked the man to make sure he forgets and that he has to let it all go. Will there ever be resolution to this story? Will Castle decide to leave these past two months in the past like he wanted?

Castle asks Beckett to marry him right away and put all of this behind them, but she feels that neither of them are ready and that they need to find solid ground together before moving forward with their marriage. She suggests that they wait a month and talk about it again then. Are we going to see a Beckett/Castle wedding soon?

The premiere was so intense last week that we needed an episode like this. It was fun, funny with a side of Castle childlike innocence, but still gave us movement on the Castle mystery. Episode grade: A-

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