ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 2 review: Emily’s big reveal to Charlotte

Emily -Sunday night’s “Revenge” contained a big reveal that we and many others have probably been hoping for since at least a year or two ago. With that being said, was this the reveal that you were hoping for?

With this, we are talking about Emily Thorne finally announcing to Charlotte that the two have bloods ties, and that she did everything that she did over the past few years for a reason.

How did Charlotte react to some of these reveals? Basically, in the way that you would expect someone in her position to. She freaked out, and appropriately so. Why in the world would she be happy with all of this? Charlotte may be at times annoying and desperate, but she is smart enough to realize when she is being used as a pawn. This is all just manipulation. Emily could have focused on her rather than revenge, and she chose not to. These two have some serious bridges to rebuild … if they want to. Of course, Emily has to recover from getting knocked over the head first after Charlotte lured her over. Oh, and then she set the Stowaway on fire with her in it.

As for the other story this week, we’re starting to learn more and more about how much David Clarke really knows … and he is not that well-informed. Unless he was testing Victoria, he thinks that his daughter is dead. Not only that, but he still claims to be in love with her.

As for the most useless story of the night, why do we still care about Margaux? It doesn’t feel like either her or Daniel are tied much into anything right now. We suppose her taking down her own brother was interesting, but we’d rather see Contrad alive and playing the villain role than watching her and Daniel make out.¬†Grade: B.

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Photo: ABC

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