‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 spoilers: Exec on new mission, goal with Eugene

Eugene -The past few years have featured the cast of “The Walking Dead” in some interesting places, whether that be at Hershel’s Farm, in the prison, or on the road to Terminus. However, all of these things do ultimately have one thing in common: None are particularly urban, and for most of the time that we saw these places, there was never a whole lot of a goal other than just not dying.

Going into season 5, the presence of a certain Eugene makes that a little bit different. He has a specific goal to get to Washington DC, and claims that the knowledge he knows will help to solve the zombie apocalypse. Nobody really questions the guy too hard on this, but we suppose that they are all in such a position of desperation, they are not really thinking about it. Instead, they are just going to serve as guides, and this gives Rick and company their first real mission since trying to get to the CDC during the first season of the show.

So how does this new goal change things? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Gale Ann explained that the stakes are higher, the cities are more dangerous, but there is actually something for the characters to strive towards:

“We’ve been on the move before, obviously. There’ve constantly been seeking out a safe haven. And then the first season, even though it wasn’t in the comic book, they did go to the CDC, they were in Atlanta anyway, so that made a great deal of sense. But now with Eugene potentially holding the key to what the crisis is all about and potentially solving it, now they have goal that’s larger than themself, and even more ambitious.”

As you may have heard by now, this is not a season of “The Walking Dead” that you want to sign up late for. There are going to be shockers aplenty, and they are going to start just mere minutes into the premiere.

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Photo: AMC

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