‘Shark Tank’ review: DrumPants, SoapSox, Ninja Cards, and HeartPup

The latest -Tonight, we returned to “Shark Tank” with a series of new products, some great, and some more than questionable. Still, we found the show to be just as fun as ever. Somehow, this series being on the air as long as it has really has not changed any of the sharks; they are still just as cutthroat and fun as ever.

As always, we’ve attached the links to all of the products featured on the show below, that way you can check out their official websites and find out more about them on your own.

SoapSox – We like the product a lot. It is a children’s comfort toy for the bathtub, and it is incredibly cute. We don’t like the price tag of just under $20, and the valuation for the product is just too high.

The surprise with us is that we saw Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec try to actually buy it out for $1 million, and we would’ve been tempted by that. Still, we’re not shocked that they turned it down. They’ll probably get a ton in sales just from being on the show alone, and it’s not crazy to think that they could profit more than that in the years. With that being said, we’re not in agreement with them on the whole “$5 million” thing. We’d take that in a heartbeat. An offer, but no deal.

HeartPup – Everything about this was just awkward to us, from the founder’s pitch to the product itself. There are very few situations we would ever use this, even thought we have a small dog like this. The cost of these is $130, which is pretty insane. The margins are amazing, but that’s because the price of these is completely out of control.

We’re surprised that she went down so much on her initial valuation, and decided that she would take $50,000 for 40% of the company from Daymond John. What this did for us is actually respect the company a little more. It proved she really did want a deal with the right shark, even if hurt her in the short-term. There probably is a market out there for this; we’re just not it.

Ninja Cards – In theory, this actually looks like a really cool game.  It’s like darts, except slightly less dangerous. However, we do have a few questions. Wouldn’t your throwing board start to fall apart over time? Why have they only sold 100 of these? Why is the way of the ninja apparently to be lazy? We understand that they apparently go burned in a licensing play, but this felt like a company wanting to make “Shark Tank” do the work for them. No deal.

DrumPants – Seriously, we turn to one of the night’s most-interesting products. This is a really cool product that you can basically use your entire body as a musical instrument. This seems like something really fun to do at a party, but for $99? We don’t quite know. We agree with Lori’s thought that this is probably too niche to become something massive.

What was interesting is that there were two offers. Robert offered less money, but seems to know the technology better. Meanwhile, Daymond wanted a little more of a licensing deal. They probably should have gone with Robert, but they were so indecisive through the process that they ended up getting no one. Crazy. No deal.

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